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Merlin's Secret Box

Dec. 27th, 2025 | 12:00 am

Have a secret? Leave it here.
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[it's unbelievably hard to love you, but I love you anyway]

Sep. 12th, 2020 | 07:34 pm

Thread Tracking

1. Merlin's debut in TDR.
2. Arthur demands directions.
3. Merlin's return to TDR after three-quarters of a year.
4. Merlin gets magic lessons from Queen Morgana.
5. Arthur consults physicians about the kissing disease, and goes exploring with Merlin.
6. Arthur The Second and Merlin The Third appear in TDR.
7. Arthur wants to find a new hobby, but he starts a war instead.
8. Morgana misses Gwen.
9. More magic lessons.
10. Arthur The Second makes an apology to Merlin The Third.
11. Arthur shows off his new bunny.
12. Merlin adopts an owl.
13. Morgana wonders about the significance of broken mirrors.
14. Arthur is concerned that Queen Morgana might be possessed.
15. Queen Morgana wants to continue Merlin's lessons, but Nimueh crashes the party.
16. Arthur confronts Nimueh.
17. Merlin is freed from captivity and reunites with Arthur.
18. Merlin The Third has had no luck finding the way back to Camelot.
19. Arthur disapproves of the flagrant abuse of Merlin's name by anyone but him.
20. Arthur discovers tequila.
21. Arthur decides that it's time to go home.
22. Arthur and Merlin return after much time has passed in Camelot, including the incident with the troll.
23. Arthur doesn't know what to get Merlin for a present.
24. Merlin doesn't know what to get Arthur for a present.
25. Arthur wonders why his bunny is purple.
26. Arthur and Merlin exchange gifts.
27. Arthur is frustrated by his mirrors.
28. Merlin fails at Wii.
29. Gwen arrives in TDR.
30. Arthur extends an olive branch to the magical folk of TDR.
31. [Post S2 Finale] Arthur complains about his propensity to be knocked unconscious.
32. Arthur shows art appreciation by stuffing it down his pants.
33. Arthur wants to know what "making out" means.
34. Merlin is sewing up Arthur's shirt.
35. Merlin snores, and talks in his sleep.
36. Arthur and Merlin address the issue of Merlin The Nth and Freya.
37. Arthur is the Dragonslayer, maybe.
38. Arthur is pretty fly for a white guy, maybe.
39. Arthur wants Merlin to meet his mother.
40. Merlin recommends numbering all of the Merlins in TDR.
41. Arthur is upset about Morgana's extended disappearance.
42. Arthur fears destiny and chicken.
43. Arthur tries to hook up Lady Vivian.
44. [Post S3 Premiere] Merlin takes note of Morgana's treachery.
45. Arthur is worried about his father.
46. Arthur processes the family secret.
47. [Post S3 Finale] Merlin uses some time off to act like a complete girl.
48. Arthur experiences eggnog.
49. Arthur has a meadow.

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Possibly An Addiction To Merlin/Arthur Videos

Oct. 3rd, 2009 | 12:03 am

Might as well just lj-cut them all together at this point.

Click for a billion.Collapse )

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[let me see you stripped down to the bone]

Oct. 2nd, 2009 | 11:28 pm

Alternate Subject Heading: [Merlin's player was really impressed by how well this video makes it seem like Merlin and Arthur are doing naughty things to each other and wanted to share it.]

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[even if saving you sends me to heaven]

Sep. 14th, 2009 | 04:25 am

LyricsCollapse )

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[what goes on in your head, I'm just curious]

Sep. 12th, 2009 | 08:50 pm

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